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Dave Kitson

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Name: Dave Kitson
Experience: 20+ years
Hobbies: IT, Mechanics & Music

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Telephone: 01524 889158

Dave Kitson

Technical Director.

Responsible for formulation of technical solutions for business and commercial customers and the execution & implementation of these by our business team. Responsible for overseeing projects and management of the rest of the business to improve service offerings, bringing new technologies into the business and increasing profitability of the business and commercial sector of Black Bear IT Solutions.

Part of my role is arranging training, support and implementation of bespoke software solutions and developments to our commercial customers to help increase business efficiency and streamline business operations. I'll often attend meetings as a representative of some of our customers and work along side advising on the best technical course of action for their business.

My aim is to help Black Bear IT Solutions evolve into a provider of more services including software development, communication solutions, Virtualized Infrastructure and High Availability solutions for mission critical systems, Cloud based technologies including cloud based fail over systems for server infrastructure and continuous data protection. Centralized mobile device administration and SIP routing to reduce business communication costs alongside cost effective cloud computing models for mail and desktop computing.

Continuing from my predecessor i feel the business ethic is very good, my aim is to simply build upon this ethic and take Black Bear IT Solutions to the next level whilst retaining its roots in the model of no nonsense, trouble free IT provider.