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Dave Curley

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Name: Dave Curley
Experience: 20+ years
Hobbies: IT,Food & Socialising

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Telephone: 01524 889158

Dave Curley

Systems Support Engineer.

As one of the longest members of staff i formally worked for the domestic sister company now by the name of Black Bear Computers. Originally i started work about 15 years ago for Black Box Computers long before Black Box was offering commercial services.

I've seen a lot of changes through the years with the company not just the name change. I joined the business team in 2014 after working for the business team over 3 years ago. The team has seen big changes in the way it works including the technologies used on a day to day basis. Back when i started working for Black Box Computers there were little or no other IT companies in the area, now there are a number of companies offering IT services but our long term customers keep coming back also referring new customers based on our experience and service.

Working as part of the business team is rewarding in itself learning new technologies and forming sound working business relationships.