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Bespoke Software

All software written by Black Bear IT Solutions is as unique as the customer its written for. Our software engineers will visit yourself and discuss your requirements to ensure that the software we produce does exactly what you require.

Over the years we have produced software for warehousing applications, logistics operations, stock management and even sales management systems. All the systems have been written from the ground up by our own engineers in Lancaster.

Supporting both desktop and web based applications we can produce either depending on your requirement. As we have our own hardware based in Manchester we can also host the systems if you wish.

If you require desktop based applications we can also produce these to either run from your premises or on a terminal server platform

Whether your a large business, medium or even small having software that works doing exactly what it should whilst being reliable and robust is a must. Chat to our team today to find out what Black Bear IT Solutions can do for you.

Additional Services

Systems management

Hosted Exchange

By taking your in-house mail exchange server and transferring it into one of our highly secure data centers that feed the information back to you over a high-powered broadband connection, we can provide you with a much more efficient and cost effective solution.

For forward thinking businesses looking to protect their future interests, increase reliability and maintain customer loyalty, migrating to the cloud is the obvious choice.

Cloud Storage

For businesses that require a faster and more accessible backup solution, Cloud Backup (or “Online Backup” – as some like to call it) is service that allows businesses to send a copy of their important data over a public or private network for storage in an off-site server.

More often than not, this data will be stored by a third-party service provider such as Black Bear IT Solutions who uses their technological expertise and secure network of data centers to ensure that all customer information is safe, secure and readily available as soon as it is needed.